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    Suite: 201
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    At Gossip Sugaring Lounge, our mission is to  provide you a more holistic and modern way to accomplish your skin care needs. Gossip understands that you don’t always have time to get out and pamper yourself, which is why we give our clients the choice of  having us bring our professional services to their home or  coming to our cozy suite. Our professionalism, naturalistic service, and modern home/in-suite service is what makes Gossip your best choice.

    What is Sugaring?

    Sugaring is a natural and effective method of body hair removal originating in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece. Professional Sugaring can be safer, gentler and more effective than waxing. The professional grade sugaring paste used at the Gossip Sugaring Lounge is made of three natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon juice. It looks like thick honey and yes, it is edible! The barely lukewarm sugaring paste is applied to the skin against the growth of the hair. It wraps itself around the hair shaft and seeps into the hair follicle which lubricates the root of the hair. The paste is then ‘flicked’ off in the direction of the hair growth bringing the hair with it. The result is smooth, beautiful skin, without the discomfort of other epilation techniques.






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